Rythms of Nature

Located about 1km from Lutoboka Bay, 500m from Kalangala town and 300m from the main road from Lutoboka Landing Site to Kalangala Town. The gardens are at the boundary of Lutoboka Central Forest Reserve, a medium altitude moist evergreen forest, which is globally known for Lutoboka Point, one of the under 30 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Uganda.

Activities: Come enjoy our plush green gardens, while basking in nature’s glory and make friends with our comrades: the monkeys and birds which call Philo home. Home to a number of bird species all year round and even some migratory birds at certain times of the year, bird watchers and enthusiasts will have quite the experience. Depending on season, you may be fortunate to hear the whistling screeching and singing of the African Grey Parrot at close range or witness the amorous courtship displays of the pin tailed whydah or African Paradise flycatcher.

” Listen to the sweet “Rhythms of Nature” while enjoying our natural floral beauty on the grounds, or opt for a soothing nature walk through the forests of Kalangala, or a tour of the oil palm plantations. ”

Take a guided tour around the island with our eloquent tour guide, and get to know Kalangala: its sights, sounds and intricacies. You could opt to do this in a hired vehicle, boda boda or a rented mountain bike.

Choose to really enjoy a night in nature by opting to camp on our grounds, get to listen to nature’s night sounds while enjoying a night under Kalangala’s clear night sky. Because of our location on an island, certain seasons are characterized by millions of “lake flies”. These are harmless little insects which breed in the lake and swarm on land. They are particularly attracted to light at night. It is these that attract the many insectivorous birds. Not to be outdone, small reptiles such as geckos and skinks also occur in abundance to savor nature’s gift from the lake! These are all harmless!